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Monday, October 23, 2017 by Alesa

  • Kaden Johnson


    Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018

    DO NOT USE THIS GYM!!! The facilites themselves are nice enough and the staff is friendly. The ethics behind this specific facility are missing. They might have friendly people but their payment method instituted by Worlds Gym is HORRIBLE!!! I understand that most gyms use this technique, but honestly I expected more from the manager here, who I have met with in person on multiple occasions to discuss everything I'm about to review here. In a nutshell I talked with the manager about specific conditions about getting a membership, which he agreed to verbally. They regarded my account being cancelled due to the fact that I would be crossing the country for an extended period of time. After getting a membership I and going to the gym happily for the allotted time I left thinking all was said and done. Only to learn 5 months later that I was STILL being charged. I get it, I could have checked to make sure my bank account was not being withdrawn from, but that's not the point. After coming back to Rexburg I decided to talk with the manager to see if there was a miscommunication and to see if we could rectify the situation. I still planned on using World's Gym. But, they would not refund or grant me credit for my expenses, no step was given to amend my verbally agreed to contract. No effort was made to see my side of this. He simply stated that he "never makes allowances and that he doesn't see himself doing that" and I quote "I pride myself on not going outside of the contract and dealing with people straightforwardly". The manager would not let me cancel my contract while I was in person with him telling him that I no longer wish to use his gym. I just got a call from the collection agency today stating that my card has expired and that they need a new one. Even though I sent those people a letter months ago. If my card expiring is the only way to cut ties with this operation, I can only say that World's Gym is morally unethical and undeserving of anyone's business. I would like to note that the collection agency has been a more useful tool to me than anyone at World's Gym. It is not the collection agency's policy to have a certified letter to cancel a membership. That is the archaic World's Gym policy making sure that cancelling is as hard as can possibly be in the 21 first century. I'm happy to talk with anyone who would like to address this, cause I know you like your positive reviews :P You get a free month of membership for leaving a positive one, hence all the good reviews. So don't be fooled. Good deal if you can stand these people having your card information. Financially speaking for the company it makes sense, one free month is worth a year of stealing behind someones back. I will be doing all of my normal gym actives elsewhere. Good job on missing out of the next year and a half of me being here. Edit: I forgot the managers name, while I don't have a last name the review below mine states that the manager is Shane. This is who I have dealt with in regards to my time at World's Gym.

  • Blanca Amezcua


    Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018

    Compared to 24 hr fitness World Gym allows children. I now understand the reason World Gym has more coustomers than the competition. Shane was wonderfull and treated me and my children like family and welcomed us all. My 5 year old has child care for an hour and 20 minutes or so while I work out. My 12 year old is with the Civil Air Patrol and can train here so he can pass his physical. He can use the eliptical, treadmill, and more. My husbad uses the punch bag and floor for shotocan karate black belt martial arts and mirrors to correct his pose. He used to train police officers in California. He was trained by Navy Seal Tom Muzila. I get to take my own clean and sanitized towel unlike the competition that provides them and are not so sanitized. World Gym has way more equipment, stairs lead you up to amazing work outs. I am extremely satisfied. I so love this place. Owners, coustomers and staff are very friendly. It is always stafed and you don't have to wait out in the cold for a "key" to click you in, because here you can always wallk in. What sold me was children are welcomed and the equipment is always sanitized by the staff. 5 stars all the way.

  • Ociel Lerma


    Saturday, July 29, 2017

    Great gym! Most people working there are really good. I had a few problem with my wife's and my account but they fixed it really fast and with no hassle. The manager there Shane is a down to earth person and also very ethical. He is good at working with customers and finding a solution for problems. Definitely recommend this gym!!!

  • The Abriam Family


    Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017

    Great place to workout! Found my lost motivation 😀 Great classes; they are fun and challenging but you can set your own pace without feeling judged. If an instructor is not able to make it, they always have a sub which means no cancelled classes= motivational momentum maintained! The staff is friendly and doesnt have an attitude like they are better than you like most gyms. Great price for the membership- I spend more each month on RedBox than my monthly fees. Thanks World Gym for keeping it classy!

  • Eric Roley


    Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017

    I just signed up for this gym yesterday. The experience I had there was above and beyond! The willingness to work on my unique circumstances and get me into a membership that works for me was appreciated. The facility is well equipped, and is perfect for anyone willing to hit their fitness goals. This a great club and if you need a great gym you need to get a membership here. 5 stars all the way.