Beautiful really, dating yamapi hot

Monday, December 04, 2017 by Nadia

  • megan 3 days ago

    where is furukawa yuki

  • Polly Sancen 2 weeks ago

    Is missing Yuki Furukawa

  • KAME*PI 3 weeks ago

    i am so happy that Pi is on the list and even on the second.

  • Jhunnian 5 weeks ago

    I'm happy that Kento Yamazaki is included but sad at the same time that Taishi Nakagawa and Sota Fukushi are missing. Damn, those guys's visual is not a joke!

  • hjh 2 months ago

    wheres inoo chan?

  • tu 2 months ago

    where are Nagase and Mifune?

  • yuna 2 months ago

    I'm kinda happy cuz my best actor is on the list which is the best...(

  • roberta 2 months ago

    where is junpei mizobata

  • ok 2 months ago

    bruh where is haruma miura lmao

  • mk 2 months ago

    where's masaki suda

  • aj 3 months ago

    why is shota sometani not here? and also yuki furukawa?

  • nikki 3 months ago

    where is Kentaru???????????????????

  • vunniea 3 months ago

    How could you skip my baby Fukushi Sato T__T

  • Zeyadaldahmani 4 months ago

    where is My favorite

    The best actor

    Tomoki hirosa

    He is from antoher plant

    I lovE HiM

  • FanFan 4 months ago

    wow, Haruma Miura's name wasn't on the list.I doubt if this ranking is legit...

  • Killah 4 months ago

    I'm a little bit sad cause i didn't see my favorite Kamenashi on the list.

  • AvyKhy 4 months ago

    Ikuta Toma is 20th and there's no Oguri Shun? SERIOUSLY?! I cannot even -- *walks out*

  • ??? 5 months ago

    what about Oguri shun???

  • NANAP 5 months ago


  • JUNE 5 months ago

    Don't want to sound rude but Kamenashi Kazuya should be on the list. He's dead gorgeous and definitely one of the best young actors in japan.

  • myu 5 months ago

    where is Kazuya Kamenashi?

  • Miyako 5 months ago

    Jin-Akanishi has been ranked in the 100 most handsome faces every year.

  • yui 5 months ago

    I think Akanishi Jin is the most handsome!!

    But Kamenashi Kazuya is also handsome.Why is he not on this list?

  • mikochan 6 months ago

    i love Jin Akanishi he so handsome and sexy

  • shirayukie 6 months ago

    .Where is kanata hongo????

  • Mayushi 6 months ago

    Why is haruma miura not in the list???? He is very talented,hot....I'm a huge fan of haruma...well I'm also a huge of kentaro sakaguchi...sad to see he didn't make in the list but a bit happy because masaki okada is in the list... while I guess haruma should really be in this list!!!

  • None 6 months ago

    Where kazuya kamenashi? Oguri shun? Haruma miura? Hmmmm

  • Hamza 7 months ago

    Ryo Segawa ?

  • YAKULT 7 months ago


  • Alleycat999 7 months ago

    What about kamenashi

  • Elissa 7 months ago

    Not to hate the list but where is oguri shunnnn .-.

  • Crescent 8 months ago

    Yuu Shirota should be included in this list.

  • ritsu nakasaki 8 months ago

    ow... Kento Yamazaki is so cute

  • Rine 9 months ago

    where is furukawa yuki?! ._.

  • John 9 months ago

    I think you should also put in Kenji Sahara.

  • Dark 9 months ago

    Where is haruma miura??!"

  • Argo 10 months ago

    Miura Haruma - most handsome, and hot, and sometimes talented :)

    Kamiki Ryunosuke - Most talented, and handsome, and sometimes even hot. ;p

  • Ei 10 months ago

    Haruma Miura ??? :(

  • Janet Santi 11 months ago

    This is inaccurate because Oguri Shun is missing

  • Rudo 12 months ago

    Why is Asuma Kosuke not here??? He is the total description, the perfection of the word ikemen....

  • Yina 12 months ago

    Haruma Miura is not on the list at all??? I was happy not seeing his name at last hoping that his will be on the top 5 or something!!! But I see so many comments asking for him...such hot, talented actors he is.

  • yan 12 months ago


  • Sylt 13 months ago

    My favorite is Yamamoto Yusuke, but he's not on the list !!!

  • Shay 14 months ago

    Wondering where Haruma Maura is in this? He's better looking than 95% of the men on this list. Happy about Sato Takeru, though. Sato and Haruma are my faves.

  • .......... 16 months ago

    Sorry to all the fans but they are all so... I mean there should be more attractive people than them in Japan.

  • Sheng 16 months ago

    I got scared for a moment and thought that Yamapi wasn't gonna make the list. Glad to see he's#2.

    I'm kinda on a Yamapi craze right now. Personally, I think he deserves the top spot. I have never seen another Japanese man so aesthetically pleasing as Yamapi!!! I watched two of his dramas in a row and I couldn't help but stare at him and drool all over him (especially in 5 to 9, where his costar Satomi Ishihara was just as good looking, then I was daydreaming about the gorgeous kids they would have if they got together)!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frances soares 16 months ago

    Yes, they all look so handsome, young, multi-talented, promising, hope to see and hear more of their work in film and stage, etc. But I've become very fond of Haruma Miura in Koizora, first time I saw him in My life, and continue to watch his movies, dramas, as much as possible. But there is another young actor that is not listed and he is all that and then some is Takizawa Hideaki. I also am a fan of Haruma Miura's friend and fellow actor Satoh Takeru of Blood Partners. Wish them all good luck, good health, good life, and continued success in their careers.

  • nov green 18 months ago

    where are masaki suda, kazuya kamenashi and haruma miura also shun oguri

  • Xhyniie 18 months ago

    It's sad to hear that you didn't want Jin Akanishi as Top 1. But based on my own taste, Akanishi is more appealing than Takarai Hideto. No hate. Just love.

  • yuki.hydeist 18 months ago

    As usual, it's only the Johnny boys and well-known voice actors. Akanishi Jin? Number 1? Seriously? Hate me all you want, but he does not deserve that title at all. Sure, he is a pretty attractive person, but Number 1 seems too high for him. This article did not really do justice to the REAL Top 20 Most Handsome Japanese Men, such as Takarai Hideto (better known as "HYDE" of L'Arc~en~Ciel). It's either you've never heard of him, or you just have a warped sense of taste. No hate, just love.

  • Cecilia 18 months ago

    For me kimura takuya is the best I also like hideaki takizawa

  • kny 21 months ago

    Matsuda Shota, I say, MATSUDA SHOTA!!! FREAKING MATSUDA SHOTA!!! i voted for Osamu Mukai and Nishijima in each section, and both got 3%. I AM that 3%!! Me: meh! these voters have poor taste in men.

  • mimosabee 22 months ago

    In my opinion, the most handsome one is Jin Akanishi. He is manly, tall and has sexy facial features. However, the most talented would be Hiro Mizushima. He is not only an actor but also a writer and director. Finally, Jun Matsumoto would be the most spoiled and mischievous one ^^

  • Mikasa 22 months ago

    I was expecting for Haruma Miura but I can't believe he's not here. Seriously. He's really handsome, hot, and talented (like i swear he's freaking talented). This is really frustating. Oh My God.

  • Lawliet 22 months ago

    Kenichi matsuyama must be first and where is haruma miura?

  • jdrama fan 23 months ago

    Eeeeeeh!!!! No Shun Oguri! Where's Ryunosuki Kamiki?? And what about Haruma Miura??

    I agree with guys like Toma Ikuta... but sorry the list is a total mess .. what's wrong with this list anyway??

  • mikikko 2 years ago

    It should have been TORI MATSUKAKA, SAITO TAKUMI, OKADA JUNICHI, TOMOYA NAGASE, SOTA FUKUSHI, YU SHIROTA and TAMAKI HIROSHI instead of fuglies like Toma, Koji, Hayami, Mukai, Kimura, Matsujun, Akanishi

  • Dokkun23 2 years ago

    Cannot belive this result... amazing... I know most of them.. hahaha

  • Dark 2 years ago

    Kamenashi Kazuya? Oguri Shun? Miura Haruma? WTF this list?

  • Wendy 2 years ago

    Oguri Shun????????????????????????????

  • Mika-chan 2 years ago

    Heeey where is Kamenashi Kazuya!??? O.o

  • Hime-chan 2 years ago

    Pleaseee!!! upload a RECENT photo of Ryosuke Yamada ❤

    PD: the current photo is super old XD

  • mikurira 2 years ago


    he's so talented, from cute boys to evil character he played it all...

  • meii 2 years ago

    kamenashi kazuya??

  • apapweber 2 years ago

    Kamenashi kazuya and haruma miura T^T

  • apapweber 2 years ago

    where is Kamenashi Kazuya ~~~ T^T

  • i am bhandari pradeep frome indian 2 years ago

    So beauttifull girls and boys

  • Mira 2 years ago

    i hope they used nissy's more recent pic! he's so young in the pic hahahaha

  • Megumi 2 years ago

    Gawd! Where's Haruma Miura ??!! Why he's not there ?! He's HOT , TALENTED and HANDSOME . And he's the Prince of Japanese Drama . What's the basis of this ranking ?? Arghh ! It's so frustrating not seeing my Bias .. -______-"

  • princess L 2 years ago

    Yah.. Haruma Miura is hot and talented..

  • kawaii girl 2 years ago

    what is the basis of this ranking? Shun Oguri and Haruma Miura are not here...

  • Gratinette 2 years ago


    He should be first!!! omg dat omission!

  • fi 2 years ago

    Let's also not forget Ninomiya Kazunari and Ohno Satoshi...

  • Eva 2 years ago

    Missing my favorite Actor Katou Keisuke and Oguri Shun -.-

  • albert 2 years ago

    How am i suppose to believe this if the prince of japanese drama himself's not here??? All hail to haruma miura

  • Jin 2 years ago